Grow With Guidance Presentations

Being active in the community and a leader in education is important for the Grow With Guidance Team. Periodically,  we will present at conventions and attend networking events on a broad range of subjects. Here, you will find a complete list of our presentations.  We want to share these presentations for your use or we can schedule a time to work with you and your school.  The Workshop and Training section on our home page gives you another way to contact us to let us know a challenge you are facing and/or a presentation we can design to meet your needs.  We look forward to working together!

School Safety – Using a Comprehensive Formula for Success
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Keeping our schools safe is an escalating challenge that requires a comprehensive plan. Learn the school safety formula for solutions to help prevent future school safety challenges. Use the 10 point check list to assess your current level for pro-action and prevention. Prioritize 3 things you can do now or are currently doing and how to develop an expanded approach for your school community. [Full Article]


What Is the School Counselor’s Role in PBIS/RTI in the School Counseling Program?

School Counselors need a comprehensive plan and a systematic process for understanding their role and responsibilities within our school community. School counselors and the school counseling program are key in this process because of their focus on personal, social, emotional, behavioral, academic, and career skills needed for success. School Counselors need to understand how to prioritize their time so they can reach the student-centered standards that only they can offer all students while being a member of the PBIS/RTI support team. [Full Article]


Anxiety: Practices and Strategies for a Systemic Solution

Anxiety: Practices and Strategies for a Systemic Solution is designed to help you develop a plan to meet the increasing challenges of Anxiety in our school community. The role of self-talk/ self-pictures, relaxation and mindfulness is often overlooked or ignored as an essential component as school counseling programs are developed. Strategies and practices are explained in detail with implications and implementation for your school counseling community.

We can customize programming on this and other topics for you via consultation and training. We are committed to help you hit issues head on and prioritize our scheduling for you. [Full Article]


Preventing Heroin Addiction Among Youth Using a Comprehensive Systems Formula for Success

Schools need a comprehensive plan to hit addictions head on through prevention and awareness.  This presentation provides a formula to combat addictions and has links to use with important brain information that documents the impact of heroin addition.  Use the presentation for strategic planning needed for prevention experiences. [Full Article]


How to Get Your Principal On Board with the New Evaluation and Advocate for Yourself

School Counselors need to understand how to create a fair evaluation process that is based on the State Standards. This presentation is based on the Ohio School Counselor Standards and can be used as an example for a way to use a standards-based evaluation process. Many existing roles and requirements for school counselors include priorities that are not congruent with the ASCA and State standards. This presentation shows how to use the self-assessment and evaluation process to drive program priorities and advocate for a developmental, preventive school counseling program needed for student success. This workshop was used for a Lunch and Learn program on this topic. [Full Article]


Self-Concept Development Model – Podcast

The Self-Concept Series and Weave is a powerful, practical self-concept model developed by Dr. Radd and integrated throughout The Grow With Guidance System.  Dr. Radd explains how self-concept develops and is impacted by experiences and behaviors.  The three steps of the Self-Concept Series and Weave are explored and clarified in detail in this podcast interview so that there is a clear understanding of the importance of self-concept in healthy life skill development. [Full Article


What’s the Role of Self-Concept in School Climate and Career Readiness?

The role of self-concept is often overlooked or ignored as positive school climate and career readiness programs are developed. Learn about the essential missing link of self-concept in this workshop. The self-concept series and weave process is explained in detail with implications and implementation for your school counseling community. You can count on us to help you put everything in this PPT in place within your school counseling program! [Full Article]


What’s Working in School Counseling In Ohio? Learn Clinical & Educational Implications for Success

The impact of school counseling programs are significant, but often undocumented and under reported. This presentation explains how to organize your program based on priorities for greater results that benefit students clinically and educationally. See the results of what one school counselor did last year to hit the issue head on with documented results for students when she used the Grow With Guidance System. Visit our website and see the PPT Presentation and important information for your school. [Full Article]

Strong Finish – New Beginning

Make a difference for your entire school community by using GWG. Remember the impact of GWG and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs on academic achievement and other challenges we face.

The Grow With Guidance System research and other research sources are powerful tools for communicating the impact of adding GWG to your plans for next school year. We are here to assist you in your program planning and grant applications that include GWG. You can count on us to support your success!

Open Strong Finish-New Beginning to find the links and information for:

  • The GWG Research Research Summary
  • Download for the 35-year GWG Research Report
  • Federal Grant Opportunity Due in May 2012
  • SEL Research Report
[Full Article]

Sandy Hook Remembered

The tragedy that traumatized our country, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, left us overwhelmed. As many of us have said – ENOUGH! We recently experienced the tragedy at Chardon and just this week there was another shooting. The list goes on and keeps growing! Seeing continued school violence, abuse, and death is a call to action. It is important to remember the critical part we play. No program or approach can claim to be the answer to this problem, but based on my research and experience, I am convinced that there is a great deal more that can and needs to be done. I CHALLENGE YOU TO JOIN ME NOW TO DO IT! [Full Article]

Chardon Remembered

The tragedy that spread through the airwaves about the shooting in Chardon left me numb and filled with sadness. I was raised in Northeastern Ohio, not too far from this site. Seeing such school violence, abuse, and death in my back yard, reminded me that all of our students are at-risk. It is important to remember the critical part we play. No program or approach can claim to be the answer to this problem, but based on my research and experience, I am convinced there is a great deal more that can and needs to be done. Read the attached information to learn more that we can do and to assess your level of pro-action and prevention. Look for a special offer you’ll like! [Full Article]

Creating the Climate and Culture Needed for Successful Response to Intervention – A Systems Approach

This presentation demonstrates ways that a Guidance Systems approach creates an inviting school climate while effectively meeting the learning needs for all students with an RTI process that works. Participants will learn about the System and RTI and explore ways the System supports the whole child’s development in an inviting climate and culture. The impact of Social Emotional Learning Programs is documented by recent research to increase academic achievement test scores by up to 11 percentile points. [Full Article]

Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Results and Benefits of The Grow With Guidance System Bullying Formula.

Bullying continues to be a major challenge in our schools and communities and GWG has answers for you! The Grow With Guidance System lays the proactive foundation to prevent and address bullying in your school community. The GWG comprehensive Bullying Formula focuses on bullying prevention while equipping those involved to handle situations that may arise. Check out the attached information and find an offer you’ll like! [Full Article]