Children’s Affect Needs Assessment

Teaching and Counseling for Today’s World Second Edition Glossary Definition:

Children’s Affect Needs Assessment ( CANA) – A 42-question diagnostic curriculum assessment taken by students that provides student input into their classroom guidance curriculum activity selection; a diagnostic tool to involve students and create a sense of student ownership for guidance skill implementation and change (Note: ownership occurs when students “own” a problem and admit, recognize, and acknowledge personal needs and challenges that support assuming responsibility and commitment for change); assessment questions asked in the five essential learning strands of the curriculum of The Grow With Guidance® System; one way to observe and evaluate change at the end of the school year through pre-post assessment; the student curriculum assessment included in The Grow With Guidance® System.

The Children’s Affect Needs Assessment (CANA) focuses on providing information on how the students perceive themselves in the areas of Self, Other Awareness, Self-Control, Decision Making/Problem Solving, and Group Cooperation.


Children's Affect Needs Assessment (CANA) - KoreanThe Children’s Affect Needs Assessment (CANA) has been translated into Korean by a colleague at Taegu University in Korea.

The CANA is one of the innovative teaching instruments included in the Grow With Guidance® System.

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