Travels and Conferences

For decades, Dr. Radd has presented at conferences and traveled to serve on advisory boards or as an officer for different professional groups.  These pictures give a small sample of some of those experiences.  See Dr. Radd’s vita for a complete list of the numerous conferences, presentations given and service to the profession.


All Ohio Counseling Conference 2023



Nicole from the Self Esteem Shop at the AOCC Conference 2021. Thanks for including GWG with your Shop!


Dr Radd meets with a former school counselor colleague at the Ohio Social Emotional Learning Summit in Columbus, Ohio, February 2020. This is the last in person conference of 2020 due to the pandemic.


IAIE Conference excursion pictures

IAIE Conference –  Book signing after the presentation and book store

IAIE Conference Dinner Hosted by our IAIE professionals from Hong Kong, China and Macau

Lunch at Park Street Intermediate School Visit

It was great seeing Lawrence again at the IAIE Columbus Ohio conference since my visit to his school in 2005.  He shared the photo from my visit.  See the photo with Lawrence and a group of professionals at the school visit at Park Street Intermediate School.  He took a special signed copy Teaching and Counseling for Today’s World Second Edition for Principal Ada back home to Hong Kong.  Can you find us in the 2005 photo???


Dr. Radd at the Grow With Guidance Display inside the Journeys of Life at the 2018 AOCC Convention. Dr. Radd presented twice at the conference.

Dr. Radd and Dr. Coy meet after the Ohio Security and Safety Summit on September 12, 2018 to discuss implications for School Counselors and School Counseling Programs.

Dr. Radd meeting with the Ohio Chapter of International Alliance for Invitational Education at Park Street Intermediate School.

Dr. Radd volunteered with the Love Without Hurt Workshop in Gahanna because their goals are consistent with those of Grow With Guidance.


In November, Dr. Tommie Radd gave a presentation called Anxiety: Practices and Strategies for a Systemic Solution at the AOCC Conference. Dr. Doris Coy was also in attendance.

Dr. Tommie Radd attends the “Break Every Chain” Human Trafficking and the Heroin Epidemic Conference with a member of the Grow with Guidance Team, Wanda Harewood Jones. 


A collection of photos from the AOCC 2016.

A collection of photos from the Meditation Conference in 2016.


Dr. Tommie Radd exchanges books with Congressman Tim Ryan.


Dr. Radd gives the keynote address during the ASEAN Learners Success Invitational Education Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. November 2012.



Dr. Radd with students during an IAIE conference school visit in Lexington, Kentucky in 2011.

Dr. Radd with colleagues at the IAIE World Conference, 2011


Dr. Radd, a member of the IAIE Board of Trustees, congratulates a 2010 Inviting School Award winner at the conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Radd with Dr. Pat Schwallie-Giddis, President of NCDA, and Dr. Norm Gysbers during conference activities in San Francisco, California, summer 2010.

ACA Conference in Pittsburgh. Spring 2010


A program with Dr. Piper and other members of the Ohio Chapter of IAIE, Fall 2009.


2008 IAIE World Conference in Chicago, Illinois.


Dave Chapman, IAIE Executive Director, with Dr. Radd and colleagues from Thailand and Indiana relaxing at the IAIE 2007 conference in Georgetown, Kentucky.


Dr. Radd with Dr. Ray Fulton, chairperson of the William Stafford Leadership Award Committee. The award was presented to Dr. Radd at the IAIE Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. September 2006.


Dr. Radd being welcomed to Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok, Thailand, by the president of the university along with other Ramkhamhaeng professors. There she taught at the Principles and Theories of Educational Administration, The Institute of International Studies – Ramkhamhaeng University, an Educational Leadership Graduate Course, Invitational Leadership, in their Graduate Program in July and August 2005.  Dr. Radd also hosted two-day professional workshop, Inviting Student Success.

Dr. Radd with Thai colleagues at the IAIE Conference in Hong Kong. September 2005. 



 Julia Beach, Director and Dolores Franks, Office Coordinator of the Adult Education School in Hamilton, Bermuda. Dr. Radd held a staff development and training session, Inviting Student Learning and Life Success, at the school on January 7, 2004.

Dr. Radd being welcomed by students of a school in Hong Kong where she traveled as a part of the International Alliance for Invitational Education program in March 2004.

Dr. Radd with colleagues, Dr. Scott Harrington and Dr.Doris Coy, Past President of ACA, at the annual convention of the American Couseling Association in Kansas City, Missouri, where she presented Meeting Multicultural Challenges – Bridging the Gap Between School and Community in April 2004.

Dr. Radd and Dr. Paul Barnes following their presentation, Keys to Helping Students Identify Solutions, at the American School Counselors Association Conference in Reno, Nevada, in June 2004.


Dr. Radd with Coordinator, Deanna Clapsaddle, and counselors at a training workshop. She presented Developmental Guidance, Counseling and Education for the New Millennium, for counselors in the Fort Bend Independent School District, Sugar Land, Texas. February 2003.

Dr. Radd with middle school counselors at Texas Education Agency’s Spring Professional Growth Conferences for Texas School Counselors in Austin, Texas, April 2003. Her presentation was A Comprehensive, Developmental Systems Approach for Anger Management.

 Dr. Radd with Dr. William Purkey and his daughter at University of Nebraska Omaha. May 2003. Dr. Purkey met with school counseling students and discussed invitational education.

 Arizona Career & Technical Educations 2003 Conference where Dr. Radd & Jan Olson presented A Beginning Teacher Mentor Program That Works on July 22, 2003. Pictured are Jan Olson, Mary Urich, Tommie Radd, JoAnne Hagmann.

Vernon and Kate Asbill and Dr. Radd with Hong Kong group from the International Alliance for Invitational Education World Conference 2003 in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, September 2003 gathered in Carlsbad, New Mexico.


Brainstorming ideas! Ector County Independent School District training workshop, Developing a Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program for All Students, in Odessa, Texas, July 30 to August 1, 2002.

 Dr. Tommie Radd and Dr. Paul Barnes presented Identify Solutions: A School Friendly Framework for Counseling at the American School Counselor Association Conference in Miami, Florida, July 1, 2002

 In October of 2002, Dr. Radd was a co-presenter at the International Alliance for Invitational Education in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Tommie Radd, Cheryl, and Jan Olsen following A Beginning Teacher Mentor Program That Works presentation by Tommie and Jan at 2002 Annual Convention & Career Expo of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), December 2002.


Dr. Tommie Radd and Jennifer Vinson, Principal, planning for Nordonia, Ohio, Middle School Retreat, August 3, 2001. Dr. Radd’s program presentation was Totally ‘RADD’ Reservations and Revelations.

 Dr. Harvey and Mary Lynn Smith with Dr. Radd at International Alliance for Invitational Education Leadership Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. September 2001.

 Dr. Radd and Principal, Donna Gilcher, with new staff member at training workshop at Elyria Alternative Middle School. Her workshop was Guidance and Education for the New Millennium: A Guidance System Approach. Elyria, Ohio. October 2001.


Dr. Radd at Texas Education Professional Growth Conference for Middle School Counselors in Austin, Texas. February 2000.

 Texas Education Agency’s Spring 2000 Professional Growth Conference for School Counselors in Austin, Texas. Dr. Radd, keynote speaker at the elementary, middle and high school counselor conferences, with John Lucas, Director of Guidance for the Texas Department of Education, following her presentation, Getting From Here To There. . . Education For The New Millennium!

 Workshop at Hilltop Academy in Elyria, Ohio, August 2000.

 South Carolina School Conference Association Fall 2000 Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Dr. Radd visits St. Anthony’s School, a private girls school, in Agra, India. November 2000.

  Dr. Tommie Radd presents at the Nebraska Counselors Association 2000 Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.


 International Alliance for Invitational Education (IAIE) World 2000 Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina.

 American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Annual Conference 2000 in Cherry Hills, New Jersey.

 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference 2000 Special Interest Group Business Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. 


1999 American School Counseling Conference, Phoenix, Arizona. At exhibit with Sophia Radd and G. G. Raddbearie puppet.

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) 1999 Convention in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Radd with other Pre-Conference speakers.

Dr. Radd with two members of the AERA SIG discusing our round table presentations

Nebraska Municipal Schools Clerks. 1999. Dr. Radd with Dr. Alice Schumaker, UNO Professor Colleague and Coordinator Director of Clerks School.


Students at play escort Dr. Radd as she leaves a local school in Tanzania, Africa.

1998 American Vocational Association Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.

1998 Invitational Education Retreat, Carlsbad, New Mexico.

 16th Conference International Alliance For Invitational Education, Lexington, Kentucky, 1998.