Teaching and Counseling

Teaching and Counseling for Today’s World Second Edition


This Little Book Provides an Innovative Approach to Develop Students’ Spirit, Purpose, and Potential!

By Dr. Tommie R. Radd, Developer of The Grow With Guidance® System

Essential Reading For All Educators and People Who Want An Effective Educational System

Teaching and Counseling for Today’s World Pre-K­12 and Beyond Second Edition

This easy to read, practical book is a guide for teachers, counselors, administrators, and other helping professionals. The focus of the book is to provide an innovative approach to education that develops students’ spirit, purpose, and potential. Click here for a preview of it!

Dr. Radd shows educators how to:

  • create inviting schools that foster maximum student success
  • turn classrooms into life labs in which students learn and apply critical life skills
  • address urgent issues such as school achievement and school violence with strategies that work
  • put her plan to work in preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century

This is accomplished by discussing:

  • 26 concerns facing students and education today, including academic achievement, bullying, multicultural understanding, school improvement, school-to-career, safe schools, drug-free schools, character education, emotional intelligence, and challenges for the global community such as terrorism and other trauma
  • essential elements to consider to address these concerns
  • models based on the essential elements
  • visual formulas and discussion of solutions for the 26 concerns based on the models

Learn what students need to know in order to be successful! The book contains a wealth of information, examples, charts, tables, and an expanded glossary.

Provides effective teaching approaches based on educational best practices!

Meets and exceeds the national school counseling standards and counseling model!
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