Grow With Guidance® Testimonials Over the Years

“Being a Participating School using the Grow With Guidance® System moved my school counseling program from good to exceptional. The user-friendly GWG System provided the framework that worked well with my existing program, put the ASCA Model/Standards and Ohio standards in place, while playing a key role in our selection of becoming one of the Ohio Schools of Promise. Showing results and student growth was easy with the GWG evaluation/accountability framework. The student comments from our evaluations clearly communicated the positive impact on our students, environment, and staff. The GWG System was very affordable and Dr. Radd was very accessible and available as I implemented the framework. I highly recommend the Grow With Guidance® System and becoming a Participating School!

Linda Overstreet
School Counselor
Freemont City Schools, Public and Parochial

Grow With Guidance® has been a Godsend for me. In one concise package I have the means to pinpoint the affective areas needing attention in each classroom group, complete lesson plans to address those areas, and a tool for the evaluation of the program. The major work is already done! All I have to do is plug it in! Thank you, Grow With Guidance!®

Rita Tinner
Middle School Counselor
Massilon, Ohio


“Since starting Grow With Guidance® the development has been fantastic. We’re seeing evident changes in behavior and self concept within the pupils who have experienced the Grow With Guidance® activities. Teachers, at the same time, are having great positive attitude changes in their interactions with students. The school administration is being more structured and accommodating to the needs of individual children. Parents are grateful for the schools involvement with the Grow With Guidance® Program and are proud of their kids to be involved in such activities.”

Peter Wong
Student Guidance Section
Hong Kong Education Department

“Students are more responsible which will assist them in their futures. The organization of materials helps me to prepare lessons quickly. The forms help me organize the program and I can evaluate the growth of the students and document changes with my students. I have a tremendous amount of praise for The Grow With Guidance® System.

Dianne Peterson
Elementary School Counselor
Nemaha County School District No. 29


“The Grow With Guidance® System was adopted by our school district in 1995. The System supports student’s skills and behaviors for personal growth. The evaluation instruments, which are part of the system, have helped us in documenting positive growth of our students and the change to a more inviting school climate. Evaluations have indicated statistically significant growth for students in all areas of the guidance curriculum. Parent and staff also report the positive changes they observe as a result of the guidance program. The Grow With Guidance® System is wonderful! I strongly recommend it for all professionals who want a program that really works.”

Janet Fidler
Elementary Counselor, District Team Leader
Westside Community Schools
Omaha, Nebraska

Student Testimonials


“I can handle things I couldn’t handle before.”
“I learned how to look for positive points about myself instead of bad things.”
“I know I’m special.”
“I feel my decisions are helpful and I feel more confident in myself.”

Statements by students from Hillside Elementary, as indicators that The Grow With Guidance® System has made a difference in their school.

Have the GWG activities helped you?

“People are nice to me and they like me.”

“I like “I” statements; I use self-talk.”

“I try to think before I say things.”

“Now we work in groups and help each other.”

“They don’t call each other names or anything now.”

Do you feel better about yourself?

“I feel happy more.”

“I say how I feel.”

“People like me; I want to be different.”

“I don’t want to be the same as everybody.”

“I am comfortable in my class.”

“I’m not scared to ask questions anymore because I’m only a kid so far.”

Do you feel better about learning?

“It is important for me to learn so I can reach my goals.”

“Because my teacher takes his/her time to help me.”

“Because sometimes we do things in groups.”

“Now we work in groups and help each other.”

“Learning is fun; I already liked to learn.”

Do you get along better with others?

“I use self-talk before I make people mad.”

“I tell them good things and they tell me good things back.”

“Because I am kind to them like we are supposed to be.”

“People are nice to me and they like me.”

“We let each other use our stuff and I have friends.”

Can you handle problems better?

“I use self-talk before I do things to handle problems.”

“I think about how they feel first.”

“I handled problems before the same except I didn’t think about it so much.”

“I think about how they would feel first.”

“I don’t just do the first thing I think.”

Do you get along better with your teacher?

“I get along with all my teachers.”

“My teacher should do self talk before he/she yells so much.”

“My teacher knows that I like: Baseball, Football, Video games.”

“A lot of students are nice to the teachers because the teachers are nice to them.”

“No one talks back to her anymore.”

“If I’m proud of a paper, I put it in a bin and (s)he will hang it up.”

For more on student feedback in regards to the Grow With Guidance System, please view pages 28-31 of our presentation document.