The Self-Concept Series

Self-Concept Series and Weave

The Self-Concept Series is a three step self-concept process that is the base of all components of The Grow With Guidance® System. These three steps are woven throughout the experiences of the students so that they can gain an understanding of how these self-concept facts relate to their life. Student involvement in the process is important for students’ long-term growth.


The Self-Concept Series

Dr. Radd has developed a self-concept process to teach people, especially students, how to separate the truth of their worth from their behavior, while also holding them accountable for their choices. This process is called the Self-Concept Series. This series is comprised of the truths and skills people need to learn and develop in order to have positive self-concepts. The three steps of the self-concept series are as follows:

    1. Truth and Unconditional Acceptance: People are special and valuable because they are unique and different from each other. People are special and valuable regardless of what they think, feel, say, or do.
    2. Behavior: Because people are special and unique, they have a responsibility to help and not hurt themselves or others. People show they are remembering that they are important by the way they choose to act. If people choose to hurt themselves or others, they are forgetting that they are special. Likewise, if people choose to help themselves or others, they are remembering that they are special. When people help themselves, they are also helping other people by modeling positive self-concept and creating positive results.
    3. Accountability: People are responsible for watching their actions to determine if they are remembering the truth that they are special. People are “with” themselves at all times and are accountable to remember to treat themselves and others as important people.

To download a podcast about Self-Concept Development Model from Dr. Radd at Counselor Audio Source, Click Here